How to add your favourite sports team’s fixtures to your Outlook calendar

How to add your favourite sports team’s fixtures to your Outlook calendar

 Microsoft have added a new feature to their hosted Office 365 and service you can now add your favourite sports teams game play schedule. In August this year Microsoft added Interesting calendars in Outlook to follow sports teams and events. This makes following your favourite sports team easier than ever. ​​Sports that you can follow include  Australia NRL, Australian Rules, Cricket, Baseball, Football, Racing, Rugby, American Football, and Tennis.

If you don't  have an account you can create a free account and add the account to your phone to  view your favourite sports teams fixtures.

If you want to add your team’s schedule to your Office 365 or account follow the following steps:

Step 1: Log onto your Outlook account from the App launcher and select Calendar

Step 2: Click on Interesting calendars

Step 3: Select your favourite sports category

Step 4: Select your favourite sports team

You can select as many sports and teams as you wish, and your calendar will synchronise across all your devices whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, iPhone, android or tablet. Your calendar will also automatically update your device if there is a change in schedule of your favourite team’s game.

Up Up Cronulla

Have also noticed that Microsoft hasn’t added Netball. Will try and find someone at Microsoft to fix this.
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