Online Backup
Cloud storage diagram

Online Backup

Unlimited online backup of all your data

Protect Every Device

Back up every file on Windows, Linux or Mac laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms.

Silent and Continuous – files and folders can be backup automatically once the file is saved protecting your data in real time.

Security – your cloud data is encrypted with 448-bit encryption. Your data is automatically encrypted before it is sent over the secure Internet connection. 

Triple Destination Protection – online, external backup drive and computer.

Recover From Ransomware  with copies of your company data securely protected, recover from malware fast—and never pay the ransomer.

Restore data to any computer anytime anywhere.

​Never again hunt for the missing usb drive, external hard drive or backup tape .
Online backup

On-the-go Secure File Access
Easily access your files on-the-go with our secure file retrieval app or through your online account. With the PRO mobile app, you can download, view and share files backed up with CrashPlan PRO from iOS and Android devices.

Backups schedules can be set to retain copies of files for the last week, last 90 days, last year and previous years.

Deleted files can be set to never be removed, so if you delete a file today today, in 3 years time you can recover the same file.
Mac device using cloud storage